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Vintage Boho Medium Voyager Bag with Turquoise Pendant

This bag is Louis Vuitton's bestselling model and with our improvements it is a GAME CHANGER.It can carry 200lbs, it fits under your seat or in the overhead compartment on a plane and can hold any and everything from clunky lap tops to becoming a fully functioning diaper bag ... and that's all before our modifications. Measures 13" x 12" x 7"

Vintage Boho creates each bag by sourcing authentic, used Louis Vuitton bags. Vintage Boho conditions the leather, replaces any straps or any part showing prominent wear, and incorporates their own flair by adding dramatic fringe, braided handles and embellishments. Each bag is unique, and the condition will slightly vary due to its vintage nature.

Disclaimer: Vintage Boho Bags is not affiliated in any way with Louis Vuitton, whose products appear on our website. Vintage Boho simply re-purposes authentic, vintage, pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags by adding leather detail and embellishment.

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