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Texas Hill Country Cuisine by Ross Burtwell

The Texas Hill Country has become one of the most highly traveled destinations in Texas over the last decade and it is a mecca for foodies around the world. There is so much to love amidst the area's fusion of flavors from the huge range of Texas food producing regions-fresh coastal seafood, wild game, grass-fed beef, local produce, artisan cheeses, and incredible wines. This cookbook is unique in its identity and it follows through in presenting the Texas Hill Country Cuisine, a cuisine unto itself, and the dishes included are among the quintessential flavors that define it. There are classics that can be found on the menu at the Cabernet Grill and others created just for special vintner dinners. The book is a take home version of the restaurant experience and encapsulates everything the Cabernet Grill has come to stand for: spectacular cuisine, Texas wine, and unforgettable flavors. Featured inside are detailed, easy-to-follow recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts.

ISBN: 9780989945004
Page Count: 196

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