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Dolan Geiman Senor 16x20 Print

$99.99 $140
Detailed vintage paper collage portrait of Mexican vaquero adorned with wide sombrero, handlebar mustache, and bandana.

Dolan Geiman is a mixed media artist specializing in the reuse of found materials to create highly textured and intricately detailed original art pieces. Geiman seeks to combine his interests in art-making with his studies of biology and American history. Inspired by his longstanding fascination with the flora and fauna of his native Shenandoah Valley, country-western iconography, and folk and agrarian traditions. Multilayered and rich in narrative, Dolan Geiman artwork weaves tales of foregone eras and untamed wilderness in an attempt to reignite our sense of adventure and wonder for the rugged American landscape.

• Title: Senor
• Medium: archival print on paper
• 16" x 20" (paper)
• Unframed, signed, and numbered print

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