Richard Schmidt Loads of Love Cuff


This show-stopping cuff handmade by Texas native Richard Schmidt is sure to be an invaluable addition to your fine jewelry collection. The Sterling Silver cuff is adorned with subtle engravings, 3D silver flowers, and a beautiful heart-shaped Turquoise stone in the center. This gorgeous cuff employs the finest materials and features a unique design, making it a truly extraordinary piece!

  • 0.5" width
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Turquoise
  • Designer: Richard Schmidt Jewelry

Handmade in La Grange, TX by designer Richard Schmidt and his son. Richard draws inspiration from the rich heritage and faith of his beautiful and wild homeland to handcraft his one-of-a-kind jewelry. The hammered sterling silver gives each piece a distinct texture and tone while the detailed oxidation offers striking depth.  When composed together, you get a real showstopper of a piece.

Each piece is made of either sterling silver or 14K Gold and features both precious and semi-precious stones.

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