Legend has it that El Jefe once went on a journey by himself in which he retreated into the woods for 3 weeks without food or water to receive inspiration for the best daggum hats and slap yo' mama soft t-shirts in the world. While sleepin' in a den with a pack a mangy coyotes, he had a dream... and in his dream he saw a buttery soft brown canvas hat with a beautiful deep navy terry patch... and what was emblazoned on the front? An incredible Thunderbird. The yotes are still jealous they didn't get a hat.
  • Brushed cotton canvas
  • Vintage terry cloth logo
  • Unstructured 5-panel
  • Easy curve visor
  • Vintage pop-up mesh
  • Constrast liner and under visor
  • Snapback
  • Classic Sendero labels

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