Valence Vic Bracelet- Matt Gold


Valence Vic is the quintessential masculine accessory for those who prize quality above all else. Designed to exude a persona that brings together style and refinement, this stainless steel bracelet is a premium consideration for those who prefer thicker chain-inspired bracelets.


With its generous 8mm width, signature Steel & Barnett clasp and a perfectly polished matt finish, Valence Vic will always stand out from the crowd. Available in silver and gold, this bracelet can be worn with confidence to the office, special occasions or get-togethers. Thanks to its hypoallergenic qualities, it will not cause irritation - always giving you style with comfort, without fail! 


1. Use a tape measure and follow the instructions below.

2. Place your hand through the tape measure and pull the end until it fits comfortably on your wrist

3. The number that lines up with the edge of the slit is your wrist size.

Size Centimeters
Small 18.0 cm -19.0 cm
Medium 20.0 cm - 21.0 cm
Large 22.0 cm - 23.0 cm

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