The Federico extra large western cuff bracelet is a masterpiece of jewelry design, embodying the finest and highest quality standards in the market. Crafted with sterling silver, this bracelet exudes a rugged yet elegant charm that is both stylish and sophisticated. The centerpiece of the bracelet is an extra large spiny oyster shell, known for its vibrant orange and red hues that add a touch of warmth and energy to the design.

The spiny oyster shell is of the highest quality, carefully selected for its size, color, and texture. Surrounding the spiny oyster shell are small Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones that add a contrasting color and a touch of elegance to the design. The combination of the spiny oyster shell and the Sleeping Beauty turquoise creates a stunning visual contrast that is both striking and beautiful.

The bracelet is an extra large western cuff that fits comfortably and securely around the wrist, providing a bold and distinctive statement piece. The cuff is also designed to be highly durable and long-lasting, ensuring that this piece of jewelry will be treasured for years to come.

The Federico extra large western cuff bracelet is a high-quality accessory that is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of rugged elegance to their outfit. This bracelet is the epitome of style and sophistication and is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go.

Center Cluster Measurement: 2" 

Measurement On Inside Of Cuff: 5.1"

Weight: 6 oz

Material: Sterling Silver, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Spiny Oyster

Vendor: Federico

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