ROCKMOUNT RANCHWEAR Kid's Youth Black Vintage Cactus & Stars Chain Sti


ROCKMOUNT RANCHWEAR Kid's Youth Black Vintage Cactus & Stars Chain Stitch Embroidery Western Shirt

$79.99 $119

This new unisex design combines Roy Rogers & Jean Luc Picard, or Dale Evans and Princess Leia. BOLDLY GO WHERE NO KID HAS GONE BEFORE! Be the first on your planet wearing this cool new shirt. Fine Western design is all about the details. Our embroidery is extra special chain stitch on front and back, collar and cuffs -- a true art form. This hand technique has better texture and finish than commonly found computerized satin stitch embroidery.

The embroidery, piping and snaps coordinate well. The fabric is 100% cotton Gabardine twill, year around weight. This shirt has it all: top construction with piping, smile pockets and shotgun cuffs. This top construction is rugged and will perform through the hand-me-downs. Nothing was left off – a perfect match for the adults. Also other colors and companion shirts for men #6707 and women #7807.

Product Details

  • 100% Cotton Gabardine twill
  • Finest chain stitch highly detailed embroidery
  • Stylized smile pockets with arrow embroidery
  • Shotgun cuffs with 6 snap motif
  • Dry clean only

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